At English for Asia, we make learning English an enjoyable and memorable experience.

All of our courses are designed to be fun and interactive, providing real opportunities to speak English in every lesson. Classes focus on learning in an authentic environment so that students will learn to communicate in a fluent and natural way.

Course materials are specially designed for local students, featuring topics and activities which capture the interest of young learners and teenagers.

We offer a complete range of courses suitable for gifted, advanced level students as well as beginner students who are just starting to master the basics in English. We are also happy to design tailor-made courses to meet the exact requirements of your school.

Courses can be held during normal school hours or as an extracurricular activity after school. We can arrange courses during regular school terms, summer holidays or other holiday periods such as Christmas, Chinese New Year and Easter. We offer a flexible range of programmes from single day camp events to full year courses.